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Safer Drivers Course:

Awesome Driving School

- Safer Drivers Course

  • Chatswood - Sat 09/11/19 10AM

  • Chatswood - Sat 23/11/19 10AM

  • Chatswood - Sat 07/12/19 10AM

  • Chatswood - Sat 21/12/19 10AM

5 hours with us puts 20 hours in your log book!

Safer Drivers Course:


- Safer Drivers Course

  • Balmain - Sun 15/12/19 9:00AM

Learner drivers who complete the course will receive 20 hours of logbook credit.
Recommended by:
Sydney SAFE Driving School:
My Learners feedback from these Safer Drivers Course Providers (listed above):
"Very good skills, enjoy applying what I learnt from the very enthusiastic Safer Drivers Course trainers to keep me SAFE for a lifetime."
The Benefits of Safer Driving

The course's aim is to help young people learning to drive be better prepared for when they transition to solo driving, understanding that they are at their highest risk for being in a fatal crash in the 6 month period directly after they received their P1 Provisional licence.

Awesome Driving School

Safer Drivers Course

Two Training Modules

Module One is a 3 hour group discussion teaching you to identify hazards, high risk behaviour, and ways to link your actions to outcomes.

Module Two is a practical coaching session that takes the skills identified in Module One and puts them into practice. Guided by a professional driving Instructor, you will learn to recognise hands-on which risks to avoid and how to mitigate the rest.

PCYC Safer Drivers Course

Safer Drivers Course – Improve with Low-Risk Driving Strategies.

Two Modules (3 hours Classroom + 2 hours Car)

Carefully tailored to provide young learners (aged 17-25) with a positive and awareness building way to reduce vulnerability to risks on the road.

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